How will the quizzes a miss after the ban on the swimsuit? – By the way – Estadão

The first scrapped Unit-Unit. Whistling tea turned harassing. In the beginning of the month scrapped the bikini contests Miss. Hereafter candidates and beauty queens just Parade in full costume. Pressure #MeToo finally arrived home. Another setback for the voyeurism, the male, is more of a point of resistance feminism.

+- Use the book of fantastic literature to discuss feminism

+Feminist French ask for the end of the male predominance in the language

Legislative measures (on the bust, waistband and in the thighs, hips and ankles) will be much less rigid. Age (between 18 and 27 years) remains unchanged, as well as the requirements of certain supposed stone: candidates must be unmarried, virgins, and close to the maximum level of the South Garber and expansion here reported and monitored by Maria Augusta of Socila master and the attendant misses of the past.

Don’t expect big changes in the competition, only in the appearance converted to loans of the inner beauty. Strictly speaking, only the legs were cancelled. Err that will develop on its own before walk on the platform. For some time, the majority of them continue to respond with platitudes of those questions to the jury, submitted to them during the presentation, about “current issues” and “general culture”. The only difference is that now the buzzwords Wears Prada, or the young ladies walk talk a lot in the “icon” and “iconic” and “empowerment”.

But still lacking so much so that some of them reveal, without lying, that your favorite book is “the little prince” yes, “the Magic Mountain”.

Gretchen Carlson, the current director of the Miss America Organization does not even call a contest a contest, but the “competition”, because he sees not nearly as much as its (American fan) shot with the scholarship in a gang of prizes. Have the letter ready against the overvaluation of physical attributes in the past competitions: “we are going through a cultural revolution in our country. The woman took the courage to raise your voice and get heard.” Take the “exercise”.

Experience in the field does not lack. The former Miss, Carlson worked at Fox News, where he was the first to denounce sexual harassment of his boss Roger Ailes, who was fired from the TV station itself. But maybe you’re wasting your time trying to save excrescência of the last century, which increases the credibility it was then that Donald Trump got involved in that business. To all the women in the beauty pageant does not stop at just learning the marches of a dress or bikini. The ideal, feminist hardcore would be the abolition pure and simple of all the quizzes a miss.

Hard to almost impossible to happen in the near future. Event marketeer from the cradle, Miss Universe—inspiration and peak of many competitions similar—is the World Cup the annual Female care. There are many interests in the game. The beauty industry is not limited to the production of cosmetics or bathing suits, made of one-piece swimsuit Catalina, which he wrote in 1996, is sovereign in the marches.

On implicante the New York Times, Barry Weiss, shabby day fan beauty standards imposed by the Miss Universe and their followers (Miss World, Miss Earth, International etc.), the evils of this amendment had to these parameters through diets, medications and comprehensive exercises, which can cause to physical and mental health, and passed the soap in the women who criticize “ideology” of the competition but remain slaves to the gym, plastic surgery and creams and supposed renewal.

To know relaxation in the measures of the screens, I was reminded immediately of Martha Roach and the legendary second place in the Miss Universe contest in 1954. With two-inch in addition to “perfect” in the hips, the beautiful Bahia of the body, the guitar lost the title to desenxabida of America call Miriam Stevenson. It was a national concern, most felt that the defeat of the Brazilian team for the World Cup in Switzerland, in the same year.

Today’s Martha was probably the robe, the scepter and the crown. But his triumph, although merecidíssimo, will not cause the same effect. A controversial second place to make it gods fault, totem national. Able in the decades that followed the election of two Miss Universe, in addition to Miss World and Miss International. Nothing, however, reached the legendary status of the state of Bahia in 1954.

Adulada everywhere, Martha turned the name of the pie model of the car Chevrolet pickup (with two inches of distance between the editors), and has been in the back of the Long Beach—what luxury!—With two of the marchinhas, the trio Wilson Batista Jorge Castro’s Federico Seixas (“all of Brazil, a product of representation, and provides, baiana, the crown of universal beauty”), and the last, best, delicious, and exude the hips, composed by Pedro Caetano, Alcyr Pires red and Carlos Renato.

The second began as follows: “by two inch over/twice starting return/by two inches/ the feeling in the hips/pity, pity, Judge.” And ended this way: “Martha! Martha!/ Do not connect this/Not Martha! Martha!/No one has his guitar.”

The strangest thing about this story is that it’s fake. Not the music, the idea. Reporter Joao Martins in the field on a cruise, two years ago fantasiara strange adventure on board the flying saucer in traffic on the way to Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro, invented the case of the two-inch surplus and managed to sell the myth that even well the owner likes the hips, and, even today, repeats, fordianamente, as if it were true.

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