Four women menstrual cycle include the details of the torture of Amarildo Rio – Brazil – Estadão

River four military police women who were in the peace in the police unit in Rocinha in the night of 14 July, when the construction assistant Amarildo de Souza disappeared they said details of state torture. Detection was broadcast on a good day the river this Monday, 28. Promoter Carmen Elize de Carvalho: he said why I said all they know so because it has been coerced by the commander of the UPP major Edson Santos.

One of them claimed to have heard cries of distress and moans of pain coming from the container that is in the back of the UPP for 40 minutes, and concluded that there is a person being tortured. “Not that, not with animals,” thought the policeman, who covered their ears no longer hear the screams. She said that after 40 minutes if you do the sound I heard laughter.

Another PM revealed that the pilot at a meeting with the lawyer who will defend the company, it was decided that each one should say in the certificate. “A sense of them: ‘if you do it with this guy, what are you gonna do to us? Outside there are several gunmen, all of the Presidents.'”, Said promoter. PMS claimed that they had to hide the evidence against their colleagues on and off the light of the Parque Ecológico da Rocinha, which lies next to the UPP that night.

The MP denounced 25 of the menstrual cycle. Soldier Thais Rodrigues Gusmão, who is accused of torture and concealing a corpse, pointed at the lieutenant Luis Felipe Medeiros, the then sub-commander of the UPP, as one of those involved in the crime. Medeiros and Santos accused of torture and concealing a corpse, conspiracy and fraud in the proceedings.

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