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We’ve arrived in Park City in Utah in the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. Sorry for the lack of updates, we will have tons of reviews and news once the festival apply. Stay with us.

One of the story’s most curious is that of Seily Custodio founder of the vents: this is the psychology of the street. “I’m here for the love, care and respect the person everything that they often can’t find in anyone else.” Has put four seats in the corner of Avenida Paulista, a small table we have a poster with the sentence: “I want to spend?”. As the Ombudsman general in Sao Paulo, the Seventh-Day Adventist, the text takes advantage of the stop to discuss about the variety of religious groups in São Paulo.

Already a former pharmacist Claudio Bongiovani now sells the magazine to us in the street to beat the wave of bad luck: after being unemployed, in an accident lost his wife and two children and fell into alcoholism. His case is exemplary to the book, in the matter of people in the case of the street about 15 thousand people, of them 82% of men. It can be incredible that the public authority does not have competence or sufficient imagination to solve life’s only 15 thousand people – a mass that would fit in skiing from the Pacaembu pitch. With speakers humorous and subtle, dual-Bruno & André extracts of statistics of China individuals odd, remember that the press is the art of storytelling – a play on numbers the warmth of humanity.

Link to buy the book ‘the hearts of the asphalt’

*Ronaldo Bressane is a writer and journalist, author of the novel ‘The Head’ (published by the school), among other things

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