The book chronicles the life of the extraordinary figures in the streets of Sao Paulo

“As well as the rider alone that have not received assistance from lying on the cement of Sao Paulo depends on more than itself more than others to get up.” In the bill a phrase like this, the reader understands that the hearts of the asphalt (Patuá) is a book with one foot on the pavement of the report and the other on the street literature. The phrase also sums up the ethics of many of the characters here portrayed: lonely people in full swing, find its place in São Paulo. Reporters, writers, Bruno ” and “Andre” Caceres about his love of the city in the sea on the lives of anonymous people who have to live in the centre of the spiral swallow 22 million. Asphalt is not just a metaphor: the book brings together stories of people on the streets, as we’ll see.

+Press brings together the biographies of women intellectuals in the book.

+’The kingdom of speech’, Tom Wolfe walks in the opposite direction from Darwin

Are stories like Antonio Silva, university bus, which turned to the source. “In the beginning I had a breakdown myself. ‘I’ve done a lot of things and I’m here for the University all day without doing anything’. Hi… I’m a collector? Then I started looking for something to do. Always loved photography.” Travel between Ipiranga, the cathedral, the Municipal Theater. Praça da República and Avenida São João, went shopping in the picture, postcards of the city. In 2004 bought a BenQ camera 1.3 megapixel push SR 400, twice the minimum wage, in ten installments. Hit speed image followed by the street sweeping pre-trial, sent to the competition came out a winner. In 2005 came the first exhibition in Sesc Ipiranga. The picture I took the car to get more and more curious wanting to study. Ten years after that first click, and in the soil.

There are fantastic objects such as Rodrigo Machado, the gate of the city, the man who pays attention to the broken things completely ignored by passers-by – as pipe chipped from the Metro Vila Mariana, from messing with durepóxi. “I felt very happy to be the repair of the pipe. Will fix the whole box.” Already got buses, road signs, toys, and effects. Without anyone to ask or win anything, the artist also uses rubbish in the street to their left on the public roads – works Meridian is called Snap Art. “On the entire planet that everything is connected. Us is the same plant! So I think there is a big step in the urban centres of the discovery of the city extension of our home.”

Still Diana Sequeira professor turned feirante. “My friends think I’m crazy for working on two periods in school is married feirante.” Specializing in organic food are put plates with nutritional information about each food, to transform the institute into the classroom. In addition to the school, Diane also organises the photo to discover the city. An interesting feature of this book is that each story is contextualised with numbers and information about the environment of the investigation. If in the life of the university appear statistics about traffic and Rodrigo data for the urban garbage, in the image of Diana, we learned that only 0.4% of the national production ended, to the tent of knowledge is one of the 12 thousand that live 857 exhibitions free from the state of São Paulo, and 40% of html.

There is also a writer who sells books on the sidewalk. Following the path opened by the playwright Plínio Marcos young Eduardo Lages sell at a sandwich stand in the street in his novel, Dear James – novel A Single Man of 72 years who feel overwhelmed by the emptiness of his house, but who were forced to leave the area, and launched on a journey of self-discovery. Sold more than thousand copies in the general work on the street, Book II, edition, and author already into the second book.

Already romantic Maída Novaes saw in the street the possibility of establishing a group of poets in the urban areas. A beautiful day when Zélia Cardoso de Mello has kidnapped all of your money in the infamous plan of Collier, declared that the brother of the musician: “I was without money and I’m going to do concerts in Sao Paulo.” “Are you crazy?”, He laughed. “You’re me?”. “Yes,” answered the brother. Years later, with other friends in the band, started wearing clothes this season. Maída calculated to have made more than one hundred thousand sing (ten per day), ten thousand labels 800 concerts and four international tours. As well as the definition of cable from the street and was followed by a discussion about the reading habits of the Brazilian, image trovadora is the motto of journalists to discuss the struggles of independent artists to survive.

The fight for survival echoes in the incredible story of Ravi Paschoa former goalkeeper of Corinthians who after losing a job among the four lines because of a concussion, it was the turn Uber driver to provide the logo a couple of journalists to understand how the working lives of drivers and independent –and also of the football players who do not earn stratospheric profits Neymar Life (99% of the cases). “Driving requires a lot of focus also played the final of the tournament,” admits the goalkeeper, who, after taking the cart life, I was still dreaming at the wheel of a great car – in this case, Siena silver – while not find a job under the Rays.


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