Awesome toxins and how they’ll kill you horribly

Awesome toxins and how they’ll kill you horribly


There was a time when dimethylmercury there is a need to explore specific scientific applications within the laboratory, but science since the creation of vehicles safer to use, which is good news. Because dimethylmercury is the most lethal neurotoxin on Earth. Now the only thing you can really do is kill scientists; it passes through the standard lab gloves without hesitation, and if you can smell it, you’re already dead. Eleven milliliter sends you down a long painful road of acute mercury poisoning, which include stomach pain, slurred speech, ultimately, to become trapped in your body before you die.

To draw a viper fish


Carbon monoxide may not be the most painful or deadly poison there, but he’s definitely sneakier. It can sneak into your home through faulty hardware, gives me with dizziness, confusion, and headache, and kill you before you wake up from sleep. Because it can not be touched by the human body, most of the houses detectors alert families of the problems, but these batteries are difficult to change. Reports say that up to 500 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning every year when the brain does not get enough oxygen, despite the fact that most survivors recover completely, partial brain necrosis is not out of the question.



Number 84 in the periodic table, polonium is the Ted Nugent of the elements: the potentially dangerous and mostly useless. Polonium-210 has no function in life on Earth, and deal with it seriously because of how radioactive. Analog radiation can not pass through the skin, but it will no open it registry and kill you, usually through the organization of a long battle with the horrible cancer. While there are many isotopes of polonium, one gram of Po-210 could kill 10 million people and injure another 10 million, without blinking her eyes. Why do these things even exist?

Brown recluse venom



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